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The bathroom vanity is a permanent piece that holds other basic bathroom fixtures. The sink, countertop, and cabinets for storage can be attached. You can get a small bathroom vanity with sink for your small bathroom. There are large vanities with double sinks and more storage options, as well. If you need nonstandard dimensions, you can have a customized bathroom vanity Frisco.

A vanity can take a lot of space, which makes it easier to spot in the room. It is already a focal point, so your vanity will largely contribute to the design even if it is the only stylish piece in your bathroom. We have plenty of stylish options for you, but keep in mind a few considerations before investing in a bathroom vanity.

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  • Preferred type and dimensions

    How many sinks do you prefer for your bathroom vanity Frisco? Double sinks are common for homeowners with kids. One sink can be 32 inches high, ideal for small children. The standard vanity height for adults is 36 inches. Single vanities can be as wide as 48 inches, while double sink vanities can be as big as 78 inches. Most vanities have 17-27 inches depth.

  • Arrangement of the vanity

    It is better to have a layout first to make sure the vanity is in a strategic place. The bathroom vanity with sink is usually placed close to the entryway for accessibility. Make sure there is enough space for mobility. A misplaced vanity can become an obstruction and cause asymmetry. Check if the plumbing and electrical outlets are close to the vanity, too.

  • Smart storage space

    The vanity houses your main bathroom cabinets. If this is the only storage in the bathroom, you should make sure the cabinets can accommodate everything. Sometimes, homeowners do not have time to clean, but in the meantime, you can hide clutter in the cabinets. If you have children, you may want to keep accident-prone materials in difficult-to-access drawers or cabinets. If you think your current cabinets need more dimension, you can change its handles and knobs. Such small details can alter the look of the whole vanity.

  • Accessories and Decorative Features

    The bathroom vanity is multifunctional. Add decorative features and functional items to enhance this piece. Lighting helps highlight the vanity area and is very useful for members of the family with a beauty routine. The countertop is a major part of the vanity. It can be made of stone, wood, glass, or other materials depending on your preference. You can play around with the shape and size of the mirror to add more flair to your bathroom. If you are a fan of technology, you can definitely choose automatic dispensers or sensor faucets.

  • Purchasing and Installation Costs

    High-end vanities can cost a fortune. They have superb quality and unmatched elegance. The perfect vanity, however, is not necessarily expensive. Plenty of options are available, so you can find several beautiful pieces that also have excellent quality. Include the installation costs, as well. It takes experience and professional work to install your new bathroom vanity correctly. Some maintenance for the wood and the countertop be necessary. Ask your trusted professionals about proper cleaning and upkeep to ensure your bathroom vanity Frisco stays polished and brand-new.

The Bathroom Vanities We Like

  • Classic is always beautiful. The style is straightforward and polished. The materials used are durable, moisture-resistant, and beautiful.

  • Rustic is becoming popular as they offer a homey ambiance. Also, the rustic design stems from repurposing old materials and turning them into stylish and usable pieces again.

  • Contemporary styles are constantly evolving. We love it because of the new additions such as better lighting, energy-saving solutions, and other innovative features.

View our catalog for the best bathroom vanity Frisco. We cannot wait to help you achieve beautiful bathroom designs. Call us to schedule a consultation.

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