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Small bathrooms pose big challenges for homeowners. Everyone wants to have at least one full bathroom in their house but not all homeowners have that luxury. To make your plan work, you need to come up with the right bathroom designs in Frisco.

If you have a flexible budget, you can splurge on other elements of the bathroom. Since the space is small, you can keep the money saved from the lack of extra floor and wall space to invest in a Bathtubs And Showers Frisco Tx system. However, there are many ways to upgrade your small bathroom designs without shelling out large amounts of money. Check out this guide to enhance your small bathroom space.

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Maximize spaces and bathroom fixtures. Look around the room and check for gaps where you can place other things. A creative solution is attaching a towel bar on the side or at the front part of the sink or vanity. Aside from the industrial style it brings, it allows the same functionality as a drying bar while maximizing an otherwise unused space. Additional storage in the form of ledges is also an option for small bathrooms.

Brighten the space with mirrors. The natural option for brightening a windowless room would be to install more lights. With mirrors, you can place them on different sides of the room, especially at the corners, and you will see a huge difference. This works for rooms with small windows as well if you prefer natural light during the daytime. Although, dramatic lighting helps create a particular ambiance. If you want stylish lighting pieces, geometric and industrial pendant lights are in.

Enhance small bathroom designs by tricking the eyes. Curtain tricks work in bathrooms, too. If you have never heard of these awesome techniques, you will be glad you do now. Long curtains that drape to the floor makes the room seem taller. Move the curtain rod closer to the ceiling, so you get the maximum benefit. Now, we go back to one of the most versatile elements in bathroom designs in Frisco- the mirror. One large mirror can give the illusion of a wider space. If your ceiling is too low, you can place tall mirrors that extend near the ceiling.

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Store everything to prevent clutter. Make sure all your bathroom necessities have a place in the designated storage. While some homeowners have to sacrifice floor space for storage, others installed vertical cabinets on empty walls and corners. Corner cabinets are functional and they do not disrupt mobility. Grab every chance to create hidden cabinets behind mirrors, doors, and other possible spaces.

Permanent Solutions to Enhance Small Bathroom Designs

Looking to overhaul your whole bathroom? With these methods, you might need the proper tools, technical knowledge, and expert help. Here are the techniques your trusted professionals already know and can definitely do for you.

Pros of remodeling your bathroom

  • For larger bathrooms, owners have the option to use another size, shape, and design for the shower area floor and walls to highlight the shower space. Small bathrooms ideally should have the same floor tile design across the room. This technique works when using transparent glass for the partitions and doors. The continuity tricks the eyes that there is more floor space.

  • Opt for a contemporary look with floating vanities. When you see more floor, it automatically registers as more floor space. Also, you can worry less about your feet bumping into cabinet footing because well, there’s nothing to bump into.

  • Customize the cabinets you already have. An obstructive cabinet near the door can be modified by cutting the edge into a curve. It creates more space and the new asymmetrical style can become an accent to the whole bathroom.

Ask experienced professionals for help. There are more bathroom designs in Frisco you can learn from the best builders in the city.

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